XDF 数据中心分会场议程出炉:如此阵容,错过要哭了!


赛灵思开发者大会-亚洲站(XDF Asia)马上开始!




腾讯: FaaS产品模式与设计方式


浪潮:Securities & Futures Market Data Acceleration Platform

三星: SmartSSD Platform A Versatile Computational Storage Device

This session is for FPGA Developers and their end users who are interested in targeting acceleration capability embedded near storage.



SacleFlux:Computational storage for transparent compression

Falcon:Automated Compilation for FPGA Acceleration

In this talk, we present Merlin Compiler, a C/C++ to FPGA compiler targeted for application developers from Falcon.

北京忆芯科技: Starblaze DeepSSD





AMD: 7nm技术赋能未来数据中心



雪湖科技将在演讲中介绍如何利用赛灵思加速卡的优秀性能在Alveo U200上实现广告推荐算法,并达到通过CPU的5倍以上TCO的实践。

深维科技:Ultra-High Performance Image Processing with Alveo Accelerator Cards

Deepoly will present their real-time ultra-high performance image processing architecture – driving world class performance with low latency, consistent QoS, and significant power efficiency gains for the data center.


Adaptable Platform for Network Acceleration Technical Preview

This session will provide a technical preview of an adaptable SmartNIC platform for accelerating server networking.

Xilinx IP in Fintech, Quant Libraries

The session will discuss how you can interact with the library, customise the functions and the advantages followed by a demo.



FPGAs: Accelerating Data Center Applications in the Storage Tier

The era of Big Data has made compute near data architectures like Hadoop/MapReduce indispensable in the data center. FPGA accelerators in storage subsystems, aka computational storage, are taking this concept to the next level.

Computational Storage using Xilinx, Hyper Acceleration Today and Beyond

Our panel of computational storage experts will help you understand why the industry is moving computation away from the system processors and closer to storage endpoints and how Xilinx is being implemented in these use cases.

Database and Data Analytics Ecosystem

Xilinx Introduces a selection of our Database and Data analytics ecosystem including:

Database and Data Analytics Panel

Future of Video applications

In this talk, we will walk through the future landscape of major problems to solve in video encoding - what lies ahead in terms of video codec adoption, different use case of video applications, the right Hardware & software implementations, and tools to increase differentiation in these markets.

Building Video & Imaging solutions on Xilinx platform

A developer focused Xilinx-led session that shows attendees the breadth of world class video & Imaging solutions able to be brought to market on the Xilinx platform, along with the tools and partners to make it happen. We will show how to build complex end to end video pipelines leveraging industry standard frameworks and a range of 3rd party IP partners