2017.3 HDMI Receiver Subsystem v3.0 - Patch Updates for the HDMI Receiver Subsystem v3.0


This answer record contains patch updates for the HDMI Receiver Subsystem v3.0 in Vivado 2017.3.

(1楼)Fixes: This patch fixes an

judyzhong 在 星期二, 12/05/2017 - 15:09 发表。

This patch fixes an issue with the HDMI Receiver Subsystem v3.0 in the Vivado 2017.3 design tools.

  • Patch Rev1 - (Xilinx Answer 69870) - The RX timing Vfp ,Hfp, Htotal, Vtotal, and frame rate are not correct when 4kp50 (VIC106) is received
  • Patch Rev2 - (Xilinx Answer 70066) - Why do I sometimes have problem receiving HBR Audio? 

Note: Patch Revisions are cumulative. See the individual Answer Record for details on which release it is fixed in.
This patch will be available in Vivado 2017.4.
Patch Installation:
Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.